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Beeblebears Picnic
Sunday 28th July 2002 8:33 pm

I was sitting in the shade yesterday so I thought it was a bit chilly, but today was definitely very hot! Yesterday was the Beeblebears Picnic in Battersea Park, which was fun. Everytime I go to one I think I must get a Beeblebear, but haven't quite managed it so far. Then I met up with some friends from uni, so it was good to catch up. Its quite refreshing to spend time with them because nothing much has changed since we left, unlike people at work who are all boring and getting married etc.

Went to Reading today and got, among other things, a bigger blow-up chair. Its really comfortable to sit in, even if I am a bit too close to the TV when I'm in it. Sadly, there's no space for it in my room! Its sitting at one end at the moment, so I can't get to my clothes rail or the bookcase with my food on.

So glad I only have a 2 day week, specially if it'll be hot. Looking forward to going to The Bill studios, and should be going to see some other friends in London while I'm there. Its quite strange going from having your friends within walking distance and seeing them nearly every day, to only seeing them every couple of months. Although if I go travelling I'll see them even less during that time.

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