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The Bill shock
Thursday 22nd August 2002 10:22 pm

Calming down a bit now. I was in a state of shock over tonights Bill. In my defence it was very dramatic. I felt tired before the episode started, but by the end I couldn't stop moving - just nervous energy I think. I had a really boring day at work as well, as there wasn't much work on really. Which is kind of a good thing at the moment.

I think my landlady's gone on holiday. Her car and toothbrush are gone and I know she's supposed to be going soon. Its just as well I didn't let the cat throw up on the video then. I think I will get an early night while it is quiet. And it is nice to get some peace and quiet, it does my head no end of good. Which is probably just as well, given that I've nearly run out of pills - didn't quite manage a pill free day today, sadly.

Virgin sent me a 5 pound voucher - which is not 25% of 40 quid. I checked their passengers charter on their website and it says if the trains are late so you arrive at your destination an hour or more late you are entitled to 25% of your ticket price. Also, if you have to wait at a station for an hour they'll provide you with free drinks. Which is very interesting. I'll wait to see how much I get for the journey up there, then I'll get another complaint form to complain about the complaint. Maybe it was because I used a different address they didn't know it was me, so are trying to fob me off, thinking I don't know the system. Well, they have another think coming!

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