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Poor hand
Sunday 6th October 2002 11:04 pm

Didn't manage to stay up late to watch Star Trek after Monday because it was just too cold. Hurt my right hand this week by doing loads of writing for work. Halfway through The Bill on Wednesday I had to stop cross stitching because my hand hurt a bit. I had noticed it wasn't too god at work but didn't think anything of it. Until I did some epee Thursday night! Luckily hardly anyone was in on Friday, so I got away with not doing very much work. I had to use my left hand for the mouse and type with my left, which I am quite quick at, but I did get quite frustrated with it though. But every time I used my right hand it hurt too much! I haven't done much with it this weekend, so hopefully it'll be fine for all of Monday.

Went to STA Travel on Saturday. So now I've got all of these brochures and I'm getting quite excited about going. There is the matter of a job when I get back though. I think that if I go next summer, then when I come back I can sort my life out, live somewhere nice and buy a new computer. Not sure. I'm going to talk to people who've done it though, and about what I might need to go into IT. And exactly what I can do in the industry as well. I will have to make a decision soon though. I'm not sure if its possible to spend all that time away and only life on stuff you can carry with you!

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