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Saturday 1st March 2003 1:47 pm

Very odd. Blogger keeps telling me it can't publish, yet when I check it has.

who is your closest personality match

who is your closest personality match

Redemption was good. I learnt about stage fighting, tried belly dancing, made an Enterprise out of CDs and bog rolls, helped film the models made out of rubbish, talked about hunks, biology, Crusade and doubtless other things I've forgotten. I met people I haven't seen for a while, people I'd never met before, got chatted up (why that surprises me, I don't know), drank a lot, slept a little, showered a lot (it was a very nice shower). Had to come back to reality though, but not before booking for 2005.

I mentioned to a couple of people that I had just discovered LOTR fan fic and both said that they felt fan fic based on a book was wrong. I can totally see their point and I do agree. Not that it stops me though. I don't why some things rather than others compel me to read and others to write as well. Just looking at them:

Star Wars: TPM - this was the one that introduced me to the whole idea, so I've read masses of it, mainly Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon stuff and some slash. I've also written quite a bit of this one.

Quantum Leap - read Al-related stuff and written an episode for the virtual series

Babylon 5 - have read some Sheridan/Delenn stuff but then only really read Dark Mirror, although I got lost somewhere in there and need to start again (for the third time!)

Stargate - have written a bit and read quite a lot, mainly Sam/Jack and Daniel-centered stuff

Angel - have read a few things, all of which were quite good. Strangely, haven't found Buffy fan fic so interesting, not sure why. Perhaps because it was reading about Wesley that brought me into it in the first place and there's not really any characters in Buffy I want to read about so much

Farscape - only really read John/Aeryn but that does have a tendency to get boring. Have started stuff, but not finished any

Star Trek - the only Star Trek stuff I've really read has been Paris/Torres, but now that the virtual series has finished I've changed to Enterprise and thats all been Trip/T'Pol. Must catch up with the stuff on Trip/T'Polers.

Alias - mostly read Syd/Vaughn but there's some really good stuff there there's not as well

LOTR - mainly been hobbit stuff so far, but I have just discovered Aragorn now as well

Bugs - I was reading and writing in this before I knew it was fan fic. Wish I had kept in this fandom now, there's much more fic out there, specially ones which solve the end of series 4 cliffhanger

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