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Saturday 19th April 2003 7:28 pm

I read some stuff about fandom earlier and it got me thinking. So, today's post will be on the subject of:


The first fandom I was involved with was Bugs. We had a couple of message boards, the odd site and gradually started writing some fan fiction. This was around the time of the third series, I think. A year later when the fourth came around I'd not entirely lost interest in Bugs, but enough to not be participating in the fandom stuff any more. Which is a pity. Partly because there were some great people there and partly because the last episode had a cliffhanger ending. There are plenty of stories resolving it out there, but I don't really remember enough to read them and appreciate them.

The original message boards either no longer exist, or if they do they've moved, but the place to go is Bureau 3.

The next one was Star Wars TPM. That's when I really discovered what fan fiction was. I think I was probably on half a dozen miling lists at one time, although I lurked on most, getting the hang of it all. It's still the one I've written most for. I helped with archiving at the OKEB. That's still the place I've had most contact with, and the mailing list I've actually posted to.

Then I discovered Stargate. This fandom differs from all the others in that although I have been on mailing lists etc (and posted on them) I've particpated in a RPG, gone to conventions and played on the Stargate Command (no longer exists, unfortunately) and Ausgate sites. It makes a big difference, because I've actually met the friends I've made in it.

Then there's Enterprise. This one's also different, because I'm not involved with fandom as a whole, merely with the Trip/T'Pol part of it. It's been interesting to see it grow from hardly anything to what it is now. It has been a tad quiet of late because the season 2 episodes haven't really given us anything to go on. In fact they've almost given us the opposite.

The latest one is Lord of the Rings. I didn't mean to get into it, I just read a rec in someone's journal and it all went downhill from there. I've learnt more about it, discussed topics I'd never thought I would and written fic. I've got one accepted at Henneth Annun. Fandom-wise, most of it happens there, some on mailing lists as well.

I've left The Bill till last for a reason. It began on the Official Site as a little forum and grew to become the community it is now. I first visited it a long time ago, before any other fandom and before I knew what fandom was. I lurked a little, went away came back, posted a little went away, came back and finally stayed. I have got somewhat disillusioned with the series as a whole, so now I spend time in the virtual pub instead of talking about The Bill, but it keeps me in the fandom. And it keeps me chatting with my friends, some of whom I've met at the studios, others live in Australia and I'd love to meet when I make it over there.

Fandoms I've never really got into - Buffy, Angel, Farscape. Not because I don't like them, just because I haven't. I really don't know why. Quantum Leap I've written an episode for Virtual Season 9, but that's as far as it went. Red Dwarf seems to be a category all of its own, reasons wise. Some of the others seem to mingle together, so that you end up discussing Buffy and Farscape at Stargate cons etc. But you can only be involved in so many. They have this tendency to take up time.

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