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Sunday 7th September 2003 9:02 pm

I'm getting all excited about Alias now I've seen the first episode of series 2 again. It was weird, cos so much has happened since then. Only a few more weeks to wait.

You'd think that going all of three stops from Reading to Goring would be simple, wouldn't you? Well, no. I got to the train station yesterday to find there were no trains, I still don't know why because the announcement was too quiet to hear. I froze on the platform for an hour before three turned up. So I should get 50% back for the train I got on being over an hour late (which will come to �1). Hopefully they'll pay for my taxi too, since there's a gap of 2.5 hours between buses, right when you need them as well. The best bit was that the main screens, the screens on the platforms, the announcements, national rails live departure boards and Thames Trains live departure boards all said different things.

I've done the equivalent of a days work today. I'm probably a bit more then halfway through writing Novick Poland. I really know more about the names of Polish beers than I ever wanted to, frankly.

I got an American-British dictionary yesterday and quite liked the entry for pissed:
pissed adj (col) - drunk. It does not mean pissed off (which is used in Britain). The actor David Suchet recalls that when he was at a party in New York and confessed to being 'a bit pissed,' he was puzzled because someone asked, 'I'm sorry. What's wrong?'. This has a number of spin-off terms, such as piss-artist, meaning a heavy drinker, on the piss, meaning on the sauce, and piss-up, a drunken party.

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