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Sunday 19th October 2003 8:54 pm

Haven't updated for a while because I've been busy. Not sure what I've been busy with mind you...

A couple of angsty twins recs: The Search and Lost

Neither finished, but a nice bit of angst over missing Elrohir's. I've also been discovering the Stories of Arda site, which is nice and quick, has a search function and you can leave and reply to reviews.

I went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Science Museum yesterday which was very good. Made me want to watch the films again to see all the things in the exhibition! It was good to meet up with people I'd only met online as well.

I'm going to America in two weeks! I'm starting to get excited, think about packing, and its kind of scary at the same time. I've never been on such a long flight before. I think going to SG6 and meeting up with people the night before will help and take my mind off it. And it'll be good to see my friends again as well.

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