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Tuesday 16th December 2003 8:33 pm

I've got out of work on time twice in two days now. I almost don't know what to do with my long evenings. The best thing about ADSL - downloading the new episode of Stargate in about 10 minutes. And it kept on going really slow. The episode seemed to go really slow although I remembered why I love Teal'c - he does come up with the best lines.

Return of the King come out tomorrow. Just as I wrote this the trailer for it came on the radio! I'm not going to see it until Boxing Day, which is probably just as well because I still can't decide whether I'm excited about it or not. I will be once I get in there, I'm just really worried about what they're going to do to Elrond.

Ewan McGregor seems to be doing a whole load of films lately - on Saturday I saw a trailer for one coming out in January. It didn't look that exciting though so maybe I'll wait and see what the reviews say about it first. I still haven't seen the last two he did.

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