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Words, Myers-Briggs and Friday Five
Friday 20th February 2004 7:27 pm

Memes, memes and more memes.

From fileg:
Write a random phrase from each of the following

nearest book to you:
Didcot (n.)
The tiny oddly-shaped bit of card which a ticket inspector cuts out of a ticket with his clipper for no apparent reason.
Douglas Adams & John Lloyd, The Meaning of Liff

nearest cd insert:
Wind them up, all robots and run them on a nine volt transformer
Take them out, of business class and re-seat them in cattle class
Situation Comedy
The CD is Subcircus, Are You Receiving, the song is Situation Comedy
(it's been ages since I listened to Subcircus - I don't have many CD inserts since that actually requires spending money

nearest piece of paper that you wrote on:
Send Matt Jody's e-mail
(although I keep having a mental block - her name's actually Jodie, and yes, I did send it)

nearest piece that was written TO YOU:
"Apophis" was here!
Peter Williams, London Excel 2002
(was it really that long ago?)

identify a random writing from something on your desk:
My World's Smallest Laptop - it looks good and when you press the button it says You've got mail

Introverted (I) 61.54% Extroverted (E) 38.46%
Realistic (S) 57.58% Imaginative (N) 42.42%
Intellectual (T) 63.33% Emotional (F) 36.67%
Organized (J) 64.52% Easygoing (P) 35.48%
Your type is: ISTJ

You are a Trustee, possible professions include - management,accounting, auditing, efficiency expert, engineer, geologist, bank examiners, organization development, electricians, dentists, pharmacist, school principals, school bus drivers, file clerk, stock broker, legal secretary, computer operator, computer programmer, technical writer, chief information officer, police officer, real estate agent.

Take Free Career Inventory Personality Test

Which actually sounds quite accurate.

From the Friday Five:
When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?
Um, just before Christmas, I think. I do need to go again soon though, annoyingly, as it will hopefully involve drugs and therefore money.

2. ...went to the dentist?
I actually don't remember. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to see if I can register with a local one. But I don't even like going to the hairdressers, never mind the dentist.

3. ...filled your petrol tank?

4. enough sleep?
Last weekend, I think

5. ...backed up your computer?
Also last weekend. Well, I did a drive image of C and E. I need to back up some of my files this weekend onto zip disk.

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