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Sunday 18th April 2004 5:44 pm

I went to a Murder Mystery dinner last night. I thought the bloke who dunnit was far too obvious, so I went for someone else! I did get my poem read out though.

I thought I was doing really well this week because I didn't feel tired at all Thursday and Friday. Saturday, though, it hit me when I went to Tescos and all I could do when I got back was lie down and watch a lot of Time Trax. But then I didn't get home till 2am, which I haven't done for what feels like forever and now I feel great. And I drunk alcohol last night, which I also hadn't done for a while either.

Next weekend is Conference, so I should at least be alright for that, although whether I'll be able to do Wide Awake Club is something else.

I was very good this morning because I tidied my room (it had got to the point where you couldn't see very much floor anymore) and cleaned it. I also did my washing (of course it's rained all day so I couldn't hang it out, should have done it yesterday), updated my website, replied to e-mails and done some other stuff. I still have stuff to do, I've just got to the point now where I'm quite bored. I do have some Teachers to watch though, and I have just remembered I taped Murder in Suburbia last night. I might even be good and so some Rotaract-related ringing up as well.

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