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Tuesday 11th May 2004 10:18 pm

New Blogger - now with added comments. And titles. And pages with just one post and the comments on. Which now means all my links have to have the whole address in, annoyingly. There are bits of it I haven't investigated yet, but it seems good so far. I did hear about it via BBC News, mind you...

It really annoys me, in a way, not having a car. I'd love to be able to decide to go somewhere and just go there. And in the case of going home, in half the time. But, cars are:

a) expensive and
b) break (and I really don't understand them)

There's also the problem (and this is less easy to fix) that I don't like driving. I don't like other cars, I'm not terribly keen on roundabouts or traffic lights (I'm never quite sure whether they're going to change or not). I also don't like thin or dark roads, which is what all the ones round here are like. I especially don't like coming onto dual carriageways (so I dread to think what I'd be like on motorways, which sadly, are all round here too).

I also haven't worked out how you can possibly talk while driving. I'm ok, as long as I don't have to change gears, change speed, change lanes, or turn into or out of roads. Which, lets face it, is most of the time. Perhaps an automatic would help, but they're too expensive to consider anyway.

I can have dad's car when he retires in two and a half years. Which is quite nice, because I know it (or will be when the runners have been moved forward so I can reach the pedals) and when I work out how to do first to second. But I'm terrified of what he'd say if I crashed it. I'm terrified of crashing it too, of course.

It's all academic anyway because I can't afford to run one - well, I can but then I wouldn't be able to afford to go anywhere in it. I wish I lived somewhere with better public transport, which would solve all my problems. Or I could just never go anywhere and live a very boring life.

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