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I don’t like Wednesdays
Wednesday 7th July 2004 10:07 pm

Arthur Dent never could get the hang of Thursdays and there's someone at work who hates Tuesdays. Everyone hates Mondays. So it's only fair that Wednesday gets a look in. It's not close enough to the weekend coming up to look forward to it and it's too far from the one just gone to remember it. It doesn't help that I don't do anything on a Wednesday. Or that I woke up Monday morning and wondered if it was the weekend yet. That's really not a good start to the week.

Plus the weather is really foul and some bugger drove through a puddle on my way home, soaking my trousers. And The Bill was crap, although I think [censored] is the serial rapist. There weren't half some big clues tonight. Although it could all be a red herring. But then the serial killer was someone we knew.

I was browsing through GAFF and some people were talking about how bad the Hitch-hiker's film will be (pretty much purely based on the TV series, as far as I can tell). And then I read MH, where it was enthused about. But frankly, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or what any reviews say because I'm going to see it. And it will be one of those rare films I have to see on opening weekend.

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