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Wednesday 4th August 2004 10:00 pm

I feel much more relaxed after my holiday now. Okay, so it was a long weekend at my parents but I didn't have to do any washing or cooking, I got ferried round by my sister in her new car (so she could practice driving) and, more than that, there was no work, no Rotaract, no nothing I didn't want to go near. Of course, now I keep thinking it's Monday.

Unbelievably, the trains were just the right amount of late on Friday night that I didn't spend all that much time hanging round at stations. Neither were they too busy because I left an hour late. I wrote fic on the train as well, go me!

Saturday was the annual water fight in a quarry - the fact that it was used for Blakes 7 and Doctor Who filming is merely an afterthought and more of an excuse to have a good time. I was amazed it was nice weather because it's been so crap for a long time. But it was hot and sunny and it was good to get covered in cold water. I managed to tan bits of my feet as well (usefully).

Sunday I went to see King Arthur. The cinema was really hot, which didn't really help, but my sister (who went with me) had to explain the whole plot afterwards because I was so lost. Honestly, she picked up all sorts of bits that were quite important and I completely missed, like what Arthur was fighting for, for a start. So not a great success on the part of the filmmakers then.

Monday we went to Monkey World. I have the photos to prove it but I haven't quite managed to plug my camera in yet. It was cool to see all the animals they talk about on the telly. My parents spent all the time talking about how much it had changed since we last went (which was the year after it opened, apparently) but all I can remember from that is Amy the orangutan. Pictures just don't get across just how big adult chimps are either. They had a bunny there as well, which was stretched out in the shade and generally unimpressed at meeting me.

We spring cleaned my room as well. So now there's plenty of space for more stuff! And I found some things I'd forgotten I had, so that was quite productive. And didn't take long, since mum had already done the cleaning part. I took down a fair few posters as well. Blu-tac goes all sticky when it's old, and hard when it's older still. I think I still have some up my fingernails.

Then I came back here last night to find they'd had a storm and consequently a power cut. Of course at home, they'd had a few spots of rain and it was bright sunshine. My landlady has an electric cooker, so just as I'd given up (and finished my book) and had a sandwich, the power came back on. I had all these things I was planning to do last night and it was really annoying not to get to do them.

Then I was woken up by a moth flying in my ear. Which is very, very loud, and scary. I think I broke a piece of wing off getting it out, so there might well be a dead moth somewhere in my room. But at least it's not in my ear (I got the doctor to check - I was so paranoid I had to sleep with the light on).

My dad introduced me to Abilon, which reads site feeds from blogs (including livejournal). It's great, I love it! You can get my site feed from this address:, which is also on the left hand side of the page. Obviously, it's paranoidangel42 for the livejournal version, but they're both the same.

And now I'll stop writing because I'm still on a Sirius/Remus thing, I have 11 alerts (ten from Stories of Arda, one from to read, plus fileg's birthday present to avon (I'm a bit behind) and Sel's Five Things fic. And that's not including anything I have in book/zine form that will keep me going for some time. Do these people not know when to stop? 🙂

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