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Wednesday 18th August 2004 10:29 pm

I've just had a massive moth fly in my room, so I tried to lure it out by turning off the light and opening the door (the landing light being on and there's already a dead wasp, a big spider, a beetle and a moth out there). Sadly it was attracted to my computer and I got the shock of my life when I looked down and saw it sat on my CD next to it. I think I managed to throw it out the window.

I had a nightmare last night. I was about to fly to America when I realised I didn't have any travel sickness pills. I ran round the shops in the airport looking for some but couldn't find any. Then I remembered I had packed them, but in my suitcase. I went back to where I was sat and handed my suitcase over before getting on the plane. This made perfect sense at the time.

I then got on the plane and realised I had ten minutes to find some pills before the plane took off (I did think about the fact that they take longer than that to kick in but I had decided it didn't matter). I found a doctor's but the nurse/receptionist was more interested in the contents of the sandwiches. After that there was a supermarket and a cinema involved but my suitcase and backpack ended up flying and I didn't.

I couldn't face the idea of flying for eight and a half hours, specially without pills. But as I've been to America, that woule be my anxiety over flying to Australia, which takes forever.

I've been enjoying the swimming at the Olympics, although it really makes me want to swim. It's annoying that there are no pools round here I can get to except on a Saturday. Which isn't terribly helpful. I also can't see when I'm in there, I can only go swimming when I have plenty of time because I have no way of knowing how long I've been in.

I wish they'd shown some of the fencing, though, apart from just on Sky (which is really not very helpful when you don't have Sky - and I'd certainly not get it just for that).

My ADSL connection has been intermittent since last night. This evening I had to redial four times, it went slow then it disconnected me while I ate dinner and watched the swimming. It seems to be better now. It's not just me though, which is something.

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