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Saturday 16th October 2004 11:26 pm

I've been good and dynamic today. I lazed around in bed (where it was nice and warm) and watched The OC while making CDs. I dusted and hoovered my room. I did back-ups while watching The Bill. Actually, someone from work told me this weeks was really good, but this was coming from someone who likes soaps, so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Just as well. Only good thing about next weeks is that [censored] is going to [censored]. At last. I've even written my piece about Rotaract for Rotary (it is due on Monday) and a first draft of my Elrond essay for Idol Reflection.

I also, and this is the most impressive part, made a lasagne. Myself. For the first time ever. I ate it for lunch, and not only did it taste nice, I'm still alive. I might make it again, although I'm going to run out of mince - the recipe thinks I want to be using half a bag!

I also put my photos onto my computer. They're all behind an lj-cut and you can click on the photos to get a bigger one.

Avon asked for:

Where you live. Not the exact house or anything, in case you have a lurking neighbour stalker, but a typical house/ street where you live.

There are all sorts of different housing round here, but the part of the road I live in is all fifties housing. I took a photo of the most colourful ones:

( houses )

Nilmandra said in her journal:

I would love to see the homes/pets/favorite rooms of my friends!

I took two of my room - one from the doorway and the other from my bed. The first one came out really dark, so I took it again later in the day when it was getting dark outside, so the light looks completely different in these two.

( room )

And because no photo session is complete without the animals, I also have ones of the cat (Merlin) and the baby fish (Tim) I took when I was last home.

( animals )

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