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Wednesday 17th November 2004 7:30 pm

I don't need to write a con report for SG8 because Sel has already done one 🙂 I will add that Paul McGillion is a guinness, although completely off his rocker. He is also, as he felt the need to tell us many time, single. Oh, and he told me I was a 'saucy thing'. Which took me aback a bit, although I have to admit I was a bit flattered.

Of course, the best bit about any con is talking to friends. And friends of friends, who by the next con are friends. It's a bit like university was in that respect. I now really want to write a Sam/Jack slash fic. Yes, you did read that right - we're talking quantum mirror here to make Sam male.

Although it's not going to be serious (assuming I can think of a plot, that is) it did make me think. If we assume that the only difference in this universe is that Sam has a Y chromosome instead of an X, then she probably wouldn't be called Sam (or Samuel). It is entirely possible that her parents were going to call her some variation of Sam either way, but it would be more likely, assuming she's the eldest, that she would be called Mark. My parents certainly never had any intention of calling me Nick (or Nicholas - although at the time I don't think the shortening of my name occurred to them). If I was a boy I'd have no name because they couldn't agree on one.

Although if I gave mirror Sam a different name, that would no doubt confuse everyone. And talking about Mark/Jack slash, doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Sam/Jack slash 🙂

I also thought I'd post my dream. It is weird, but bearing in mind I can actually write down what happened, it's not nearly as weird as most of my other dreams, which I just can't describe.

It involved me and Sel sneaking about a car park trying to get breakfast (in a building, I should point out, probably a hotel of some sort). I ate rather a lot of crisps and had to give out, even though I'd only eaten half a bowl (a big bowl). The reason for this was something to do with Avon's book, which was called The Serbian Montenegro.

Sel was enthusing about it, I think. I discovered that it was actually a series of books (lots of books!) and they were a sort of Lord of the Rings thing. By that I mean there was a family with twin boys and a younger girl, and a brother. The twins were obviously Elladan and Elrohir, and yet the father was Elrohir, and the brother Elladan. I can't make sense of it now, but it seemed perfectly fine at the time.

I also remember that the picture of the father had short light hair. He looked like someone I recognised (ie had seen on TV) but I couldn't work out who. Sadly, my alarm clock went off 25mins early because there had been a power cut in the night and it gets fast on battery power, so I never worked out exactly what was going on.

Yes, I can see the men in white coats coming to take me away - but as long as they include Stargate's no 1 doctor, I don't mind!

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