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Sunday 21st November 2004 5:35 pm

That lj meme (most of which I had to go to my userinfo to look up):

My journal is called Angelic Paranoia because I thought it needed a name. I really don't need to tell you where it came from, do I?

My subtitle is Paranoidangel's blog because it is.

My friends page is called friends because I've never felt the need to change the default setting.

My username is paranoidangel42, because the answer's here if you want to know that where the name came from. Someone else got there first with the paranoidangel though, so I added a number on the end, and if I have to explain where that number comes from I will be hitting you on the head with a large spade (if you can provide the spade). And then adding you to my list of people who need to borrow my tapes.

My default userpic is Orlando Bloom because fileg is amazingly talented with these things and I love it. Look out for Ewan McGregor when I feel the need for a change.

My LJ "name" is Nic because it tells people who I am.

I feel like I've done loads this weekend - and it's still the weekend! I successfully managed to find Forbidden Planet on Saturday, and bought myself my Chanukah present from my sister - a Stargate calendar. I've had one before, and I hate repeating myself, but it was that or bunnies, and looking at pictures of bunnies only makes me want one all the more.

I also managed to successfully find the pub that the ZZ9 AGM was in! It usually takes me half an hour to find anywhere in London, from the tube station, but both times were far less than that. I impressed myself. I got a bit unsure of myself finding the way back in the dark, but I did quite well.

The AGM was good. I'm very glad I'm not on the committee though - some of the things that were discussed sound similar to discussions we have at HASA and Rotaract. Not similar in the subject, but just the way the discussions themselves go.

I managed not to buy myself a drink either (except for the first one) or a round. Admittedly, I keep forgetting this whole buying rounds thing - I can cope if it's two people and you buy every other one, any more people and I just get confused. I think the last time I went out and bought a round it was half a one. I don't mean to do it, I really don't, it just works out that way.

Anyway, I stayed much later than I planned, so ended up getting to Guildford at 11.30pm and getting to taxi (to avoid the chavs at the bus station). Not that the taxi driver knew where he was going - why he thought I did, I don't know! I saw an hour of Kill Bill 2 and I liked it (although the punching wood bit was clearly ridiculous - how did he expect her to do it when he just let her not doing properly? She was quite obviously never going to punch a bit of wood like that). And the sword fighting bit was equally silly. But now I really need to see Kill Bill 1 and the whole of Kill Bill 2.

And I stayed up to 3.30am. Although this was because we were watching Sci-Fi porn (had no connection to sci-fi. Or indeed to real life). There's nothing quite like watching bad TV, bad writing, bad acting, in fact bad everything, with a group of people - it makes it so much funnier.

I had a list of things I needed to get done really and I didn't write them down. So now I have no idea what they are - which was sort of the point. I can next Sunday's going to be a getting things done day.

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