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Sunday 24th April 2005 2:45 pm

Australia was fantastic. I will be writing it up and putting my diary on my website, along with some of my photos.

Meanwhile, I'm loving the new Doctor Who and the latest episodes of Alias that have revealed so much more about Jack.

I'm at home this weekend for Passover. At the moment, though, I'm watching Enterprise and writing this on dad's new toy. And I mean the writing part literally. Me and dad have discussed Hitchhiker's to death - I'm going on Thursday, he's going on Friday. It doesn't really matter what the reviews say it's not as if were not going to go. Me and mum have had a Peter Davison trivia session, which was started when we were trying to establish whether he did Doctor Who before or after All Creature Great and Small (it was after, but he'll always be Tristan to us).

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