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Thursday 28th April 2005 10:43 pm

I have just booked tickets to see Hitchhikers tomorrow night. I've read a couple of reviews of it and neither were particularly excited, so I'm not expecting much. At the moment I can't stop seeing Martin Freeman as Vila - Blakes Junction 7 and Love Actually are the only things I've seen him in so far.

I was reminded at the weekend that Christopher Eccleston was in Shallow Grave. So I dug out my video and watched the beginning (I had to switch it off or I'd have wasted an evening watching the whole thing - it's a good film and I haven't seen it for a while). Now that I know he's not Scottish, I can spot his accent slipping. He looks completely different - the longer hair hides his ears. Although in all fairness it did come out eleven years ago, and Ewan McGregor looks completely different in it as well.

I found out at the weekend, as well, that he's only doing one series of Doctor Who. I am so behind on my news. So I watched Casanova, which was good, and I quite like David Tennent. So the news doesn't seem quite so bad.

I also decided I'd quite like to see Second Coming and some old Doctor Whos. I can't remember whether I've actually seen any Sylvester McCoy or merely knew it existed. Although he is, to me, The Doctor. And I'm going as Ace to Conference this weekend, so it would be good to see some stuff with her in.

So, I thought I'd go to the Blockbusters website, where you can rent DVDs by post. Except that you only can for some of them - ie the ones you'd find in the shop anyway. If you want anything elsse you have to pay per month. Which is the same on every other site I looked at. Trouble is, I'd never watch enough DVDs in a month to make it cheaper than buying them! So I am unimpressed by that.

In other news, I voted today. So anything any candidate does now cannot influence my vote as my envelope is sealed. I also had my presidents meeting on Thursday cancelled as it clashes with my birthday the election. So I am going to stay in, open my presents, play in the Dairyfree arcade and stay up until they announce Mid Dorset and North Poole.

(Tonights Bill was dire. I would say they've hit a new low but I feel sure it can get worse.)

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