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Hitchhiker’s, Conference and a bit of Doctor Who for good measure
Monday 2nd May 2005 7:44 pm

I should really post this when I'm feeling more awake but I just won't get round to it otherwise. I'm tired because I've just been at Rotaract National Conference. Which was really good fun. Except for the lack of sleep part - that's the lack of sleep in the week preceeding it, not during.

I got up at 6.30am(!) on Saturday and failed to follow the instructions on how to get there. They mentioned a big roundabout - we found a big roundabout but sadly not the right one. So we drove round Bristol a bit, went round a few roundabouts more than once and eventually made it early. Which turned out to be handy because they let us go in for (second) breakfast. Where I put scrambled eggs on my plate because I realised that would not be a good idea and completely failed to find the toast. I was tired - it was still pre 10am at that point.

Anyway, Saturday morning there were Conference sessions. People spoke. Probably about something, not sure what. Wasn't really awake, oddly enough. I found biscuits with the coffee and biscuits I could actually eat but very nearly didn't have any lunch. One of the hotel employees seemed to think that cheese didn't contain milk. Which was a tad worrying.

In the afternoon we did a spot of karate and then were actually allowed to check in (yay!). At which point lying down sounded like a good plan while we watched Charmed, Buffy and made me a mask for dinner. I'd read the 'Masked Ball' part of the info and failed to read the word 'mask' at any point. It was just as well as they were trying to fine anyone who wasn't wearing their mask as we walked into dinner. At 7.30. We left the room before 7pm to avoid temptation. Although later in the night someone took wine1 with anyone who considered, even for a minute, coming down to dinner late to watch Doctor Who. Quite an alarming number of people stood up but we were all very good and were actually there.

We were, though, on a table with nine girls and one bloke. Who was married. Which really was quite poor planning (we fined the person who planned it). Although the single men who stood up for take wine didn't look worth bothering with to me anyway.

I was so tired I was dead to the world at 12.30 (I didn't even hear my roommate come in or the big thunderstorm in the night), quite depressingly. 14 people made Wide Awake club, which although really hard is great fun and a good way to meet people.

Sunday was more conference sessions. I was still tired, even after eight hours sleep. Lunch was much better and we made the most of our free time by going ice skating. And getting lost in Bristol. We did make it back in time to finish off my roomate's fancy dress costume. The fancy dresses were interesting, as always, although was interrupted by the fire alarm (the thing that people took out first was their drinks).

I did dance in the disco, drink lots and stayed up till 1.30. I would have stayed up later but most people had gone to bed, from staying up late Saturday and having to drive the next day.

The Monday morning sessions were quite good. They consisted mostly of giving out awards. Our district did quite well out of them, and we won the anagram competition by being the only people to actually answer all ten questions. The auction was much funnier than most I've been to - the signed Colin Baker pictures ended up going to someone who didn't actually bid (Colin Baker being a Rotarian, hence the reason we had them).

We were let out on our own for lunch, which actually turned out to be quite stressful.

On the whole, though, I really enjoyed myself. It's always good to hear what other clubs get to up to, outside of our district. And talk to different people, some of whom I haven't seen for a year. Now I just need some sleep in preparation for Thursday.

1 Take wine is where you pay �1 to take wine (ie stand up and have a drink) with a person, or group of people, at the conference.


I got back and watched Doctor Who. It was the second episode I didn't like. Warning: there is bit of a spoiler here

I really liked the Dalek, and admired the way it manipulated people and killed rather a lot in one go (didn't looke like 200 though). On the whole it just seemed a bit cliched and bored me, really. Anyway, I'd already had a Cyberman and a dalek this weekend (there are apparently photos of the dalek in bed with someone).


And Hitchhiker's. Warning: there are more spoilers here

I didn't like it. Although I did think it was a good film and there were definitely bits I liked, some old and some new. I liked Stephen Fry, I hated Trillian saying Zee Zee 9 Plural Zee Alpha, that's just not right. I'm not convinved Marvin sounded depressed enough and I didn't like his look - you couldn't tell how he felt from the suit. I actually quite liked Zaphod's second head and his third arm looked really real. I loved the little things they put in but didn't explain like the sign telling us Arthur lived in Cottington, the jeweled crabs, and never explaning why towels were so important.

I wasn't entirely convinced by the point of view gun until Marvin used it. I was really sad when it looked like he was dead, although I couldn't quite believe they'd done that. I liked Ayers Rock being painted and I thought Bill Nighy was a good Slartibartfast. I spotted Marvin in the queue and Simon Jones as the answer machine. I think they really missed a trick though when Slartibartfast (which really is a bugger to type) asked Arthur if there was anything he wanted changing and he looked out across the fields. I thought he'd say no, it's perfect and we'd get some Louis Armstrong. At least they had Journey of the Sorcerer, although not for long enough.

I can kind of see how they're going to do a sequel although not how they'll get Zaphod into it.


I am really looking forward to the radio series tomorrow, specially as they're actually putting it up after the first episode rather than the repeat, so I can listen to it when I get back from Rotaract rather than while I'm trying to eat and write the agenda. I listened to the trailer - there are some things in there I recognise from the books and some other bits I don't but sound like they follow on from the Secondary Phase.

I also had a look at the Serenity trailer. Which was quite impressive - I wasn't certain whether I wanted to see the film before I saw the trailer. Now I definitely don't want to see it. So good trailer there.

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