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Ewan McGregor
Monday 25th July 2005 9:27 pm

Ah, Ewan McGregor. But he was Saturday night, so first I should talk about Saturday in the day when I went to see the Hitchhiker's exhibition in the Science Museum. It was handily free last weekend. I was quite impressed by the exhibits and they way they were arranged. Although the Vogons are still not green. Although I noticed some of the drawings of the Vogon ships were yellow.

Anyway, most of the information boards in there either printed bits of the Guide, which I know anyway, or the real science involved, which I also know. What was good, though, was seeing the little things they'd put in there that are in the book or radio series but not in the film.

The best part was that you come out near a different set of stairs to the way you go in and they had the clock there. Which is the only thing I remember from the first time I ever went to London - we went to the Science Museum for an hour before there was a bomb scare (of the IRA variety). The clock tells the time using a pendulum with a very long string and is just very cool.

Guys and Dolls actually turned out to be a good play, once it got going. One of the leads was played by an understudy that evening, one of the others was Ewan McGregor, one of the others was in Ally McBeal, and the other I'm sure I recognise from somewhere but can't work out where. I did remember to take my binoculars so I could spend time studying Ewan McGregor (and some of the other cast as well). Although there were times I couldn't because you really needed to see what was going on on the rest of the stage.

The part where we were cringing and dying of embarrassment on behalf of the cast was when Ewan McGregor first came on stage and a few people clapped. Which I just thought was uncalled for and rude to the rest of the cast. Apart from that I really enjoyed it. I'd like to go to the theatre more often, but it's quite expensive.

Tonight I was watching a Doctor Who quite happily and one of the cast was really bugging me because he looked familiar. I had just about convinced myself this was because the science lab looked like it was straight out of Blakes 7 then I realised I'd noticed some time before that this was the episode with Simon Rouse and Jeff Stewart in. I know it was first aired in 1982 but Simon Rouse looks so young! (No sign of Jeff Stewart as yet) There was a bit at the end, though, where he shouted and that was definitely Jack. I know Graham Cole was a Cyberman but I must found out how many other Bill cast have been in it, it could be interested to see them looking younger. Incidentally, the episode I'm watching now is Kinda, and I'm looking forward to the other three episodes now.

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