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Saturday 20th August 2005 8:28 pm

I have discovered that train timetables are a work of fiction. Not only because the time they say the train's arriving bears no relation to the time it actually arrives, but also because more than once now I've got on a train that's not even listed in the timetable. And to make it worse, I've got on trains that aren't listed on the website either. So obviously the only way to get a train is to turn up to me station and hope. because when you ring up you can't even speak to a person any more.

On the plus side, I an writing this on dad's toy (his tablet PC), which is doing quite a good job of my handwriting). He's also put anvil on it since the last time I was home, and it's great. I love the bouncing icon instead of the hourglass!

Today was the annual water pistol fight in Winspit quarry with the local Blakes 7 group. Photos to follow, but it was good fun, as always. I even managed to paint my super soaker this year (well, last night).

I was also reminded that I read about the Discworld con on Judith's LJ and wanted to go. Well, the next one is August next year and looks good, judging from last years program. So, I think I might have to sign up for it. Up for it, Sel?

Am being pressured to watch Atlantis now that himself is ready, so that's pretty much a whistle-stop tour of my weekend so far. I will get round to replying to comments later, and 1 certainly plan to catch up on HLIII.

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