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Travel games
Monday 10th October 2005 10:27 pm

Looking back through old posts to categorise them is quite interesting. And it's reminded me, for some obscure reason, of games we used to play as children when travelling.

There was the alphabet thing. We did boys and girls names, but our favourite was 'I went shopping'. So the first person would say, for example, "I went shopping and I bought an apple". The second person would then carry on with, "I went shopping and I bought and apple and a banana"'. It would always start off sensibly and end up buying houses and planets.

Sometimes dad would challenge us to make up a story without using any e's, and less often, a's.

We would challenge each other to sing an ode to something. One person would think of the thing, the other person would have to use an existing tune or make one up, and sing a song about that thing. I say thing because it could have been anything. Perhaps not a small lump of green putty I found under my armpit one morning, but certainly as silly sometimes.

There was sausages - one person has to answer all questions by saying only 'sausages' and the first person to laugh loses. As we were kids we decided 'down the loo' was much more funny than sausages. It didn't matter either way, I laugh easily and always lost.

Another one I always lost was similar. One person was not allowed to say 'yes' or 'no' to any questions. I always forgot in the heat of the moment. Perhaps I'd be a crap politician 🙂

There would also be ordinary singing. A particular favourite I remember was 'There's a Hole in my Bucket' with one of us and Henry and the other as Liza. To save me reproducing it I found the whole version here.

There was the number plate game where you had to get all of the letters in the alphabet in order from number plates. My sister always won that one because she sat on the right and we always drove in the slow lane of dual carriageways (we didn't go on motorways because they were boring and we didn't always go out of the county).

There was I Spy - always more interesting when the thing you're guessing might no longer be in view. Although always manages to get boring quickly.

Another one we had was asking each other questions, the answer to which depended on the colour of the car passing. We'd gradually add in more colours and types. The fun in this question was to check what was coming up before asking (so the answer to 'are you clever?' had to be 'no').

Duck and Jump could be played at the same time as other games. When you went over a bridge you had to jump - lift your legs - and under one you had to duck (as best you could sitting down).

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