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Sunday 20th November 2005 3:33 pm

This morning I thought I'd look up the train times home and it would only take a few minutes. Not a chance. The website told me there were no trains between 4.30 and 7.30. But I felt sure id got one at 6.30 before. I looked up the journey in bits (as I can't do it in any less than three trains - my record is five so far). I ended up getting so lost I decided to ring them instead - this usually doesn't work as they often just look it up on the same website.

I spoke to a girl who tended to whisper and not finish her sentences, so we had a long conversation. She said there was one at 5.30, which was a start. She did eventually admit there was one at 6.30 so but I'd have to get separate single tickets for it. It took a while but she first told me this was because I'd be using different train operators. Which was quite obviously a lie because Poole and Didcot are on different lines, so you can't do the more journey using the same train operator.

Having pointed tins out she then decided it was because I'd have to change at Oxford, which is further away than Didcot. Once I told her to look she did admit I could change at Reading, but then there were no trains at all to Didcot all evening. Another obvious lie. Especially as she then found me some trains.

However, all of this was no help at all. The train companies recently decided that if you live west of Bournemouth the best thing to do is to time the trains so you stand at Poole and watch the virgin train go past, then get on a Southwest train timed to get to Bournemouth so you can see the Virgin train leave as you arrive.But part of my reason for hearing in the evening is so this doesn't happen excerpt that now, it does.

Interestingly, when I looked up the 6.40 train from Bournemouth (the one the 6.30 train is timed to miss) it quite happily told me to change at Reading. But the 7.40 tells me to change at Oxford! And to think the government wants us to use public transport more.

The practical upshot of this is that dados taking me to Bournemouth. I'm so looking forward to being able to drive the joinery instead, as it it'll be quicker and simpler, even though I hate driving and you can't eat and read at the same time.

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