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Christmas/Chanukah meme
Wednesday 21st December 2005 7:58 pm

From Tanaqui and Ann:

The Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "Five Holiday Traditions" and people who get tagged need to write a LiveJournal entry about their five holiday traditions as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged.

Since it doesn't say I'm interpreting 'Holiday' to mean Christmas holidays, and as Chanukah is in the Christmas holidays this year, I'm putting in some Chanukah traditions as well.

1. We always do puzzles in the Christmas holidays, while watching TV. Although we tend to get caught up in them and spend all evening on them, then get up in the morning and do just a bit... When it's late and we're trying to get it finished before we go to bed then dad will do some as well, otherwise it's mainly just me, mum and my sister (there are only so many people you can fit round the coffee table!).

2. The candles have to be coloured, not white. This is absolutely essential. My sister likes it when they dribble down the candlestick, so she has to clean it. For some reason, though, the candles never seem to sit properly, so end up with bits of silver foil round them so they stay up and don't set fire to the house. They also have a tendency not to light properly, so there's much swearing by dad as he tries, vainly, to light them in order.

3. We eat chocolate cakes for tea (about 4pm). Usually it would be chocolate gateaux/black forest gateaux/death by chocolate, although this year me and mum will be having her home-made one free from milk, eggs, wheat and gluten.

4. Me and dad always argue (and by argue I mean a friendly winding each other up) over Ma-oz tsur. This is the song that dad 'sings' after lighting the candles and saying prayers, and I play along. Generally, we argue about who is following who and what speed we're playing. This is not an arguement that's confined to words either, we argue with music.

5. We generally go to bed late and get up late, which leads to meals being later. Often dinner isn't until Coro(nation Street), which mum and dad watch. We have to shout to mum to tell her it's starting when she's in the kitchen dishing up/getting pudding/washing up in the adverts. We all complain that her estimate of when dinner will be ready is half an hour out.

And an extra one, 6. Christmas Day is a really good day for getting work done, and traditionally a day when we're all doing our separate things and pretty much don't speak to each other all day. This is because there is nothing open, everyone we know is busy falling out with their families and there is bugger all on - although this last one seems to be changing. We used to go to my grandmothers on Boxing Day for dinner, which was when all the stuff was on TV. This has swapped round since we stopped going.

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