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My height in books update
Friday 17th February 2006 8:08 pm

Reading my height in books: an update

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6.2cm / 155cm

I've just finished British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker's Guide. I couldn't remember why I'd put it on my Amazon wish list, but bought it anyway. I discovered why, when I read the chapter list, and discovered the Blakes 7 chapter author. There were some interesting ideas in it that I hadn't considered before.

Overall I enjoyed it. I really liked the historical aspects of the Quatermass chapter. The nuclear war one is really depressing, though. I'm not entirely convinced by the parallels in the Sapphire and Steel chapter. But as I've not seen it and know very little about the state of the country & politics around 1979 I can't really comment. The only chapter I really disagreed with was the Red Dwarf one. The author talked about how it relates to gender and race. I like it because it's funny, so am admittedly uninteresting in taking it any deeper. But she did go on about the Cat acting the way he does because it's alluding to black Americans. And there was me thinking it was a parody of a cat.

Easter: I had a surf round last night at the Lake District. Which looked vaguely interesting until there was a mention of Hadrian's Wall being not far away. So I'm so going. As my last holidays were in America and Australia I had entirely forgotten the whole point of holidays is castles and bookshops. Although I did get unreasonably excited at going to a Barnes and Noble in America. I've not booked for Conference yet, and my boss was off so I couldn't book any time off. I did establish that because he has holiday I can't do the Lake District and then recover(!) at Conference, so I'll be doing Conference, then the Lake District. I'm amazed it's only a couple of hours from Birmingham, though, because it's a long way North.

Bugs: I sat down to watch Bugs with dinner and all of a sudden there was Robbie! (as in DI Robbie Ross from Taggart). Sounding decidedly un-Scottish, but very cool anyway. Possibly some other stuff happened but frankly who cares. It's Robbie.

And thingy, whatshisname from Yes Minister was on The Avengers last night, looking pretty much exactly the same.

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