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It has 4 wheels and goes, I really shouldn’t complain
Thursday 26th October 2006 9:37 pm

I bought a new microfilter off amazon last night, and since I needed to spend £12 more to get free delivery I might have bought the first series of Doctor Who as well. I'm now paranoid about my car, but I can guarantee next Wednesday/Thursday will be dry since that's when it's booked into the garage so they can fail to find anything wrong with it. I'm really hoping it's dry this weekend as I have a driving lesson on Sunday and a two hour drive with a car that's a pain does not really appeal.

There was a point this afternoon at work (4.30pm) that I just couldn't be bothered any more. It didn't help that I'd just been listening to a Benny audio while I wrote a database and it was so emotional I couldn't think about doing anything else. But it's also just that I'm fairly useless after about 4.30pm. Although it could have been catching cos my boss said the same thing at 5pm. And it's only Thursday. Most Friday afternoons no-one can be bothered.

A useful link: a list of fandom newsletters on LJ, as researched by me and coded by Sel. And a very long list it is too, I was surprised. Especially by the number of Harry Potter ones.

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