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Sunday 14th January 2007 2:45 pm

I decided this afternoon I'd do some baking since I've run out of bread and flapjacks. Sadly, I got to the point in the flapjack recipe where it required golden syrup - but I don't have any. Fortunately, the shops are still open for another hour and a half, and I am now only ten minutes walk away from Waitrose. Unfortunately, I've just put the bread on, so I won't be going anywhere for another half an hour.

This morning I checked my Firefox folder and found it was last changed on Boxing Day, which was when I downloaded the Firefox 2.0 file. So quite why it decided it was actually 1.5, I don't know. So I installed 2.0 again and now it is definitely 2.0. Although Pandora only worked once I had uninstalled and reinstalled Adblock. And NewTabURL, which opens my current tab (and history, like IE does automatically) doesn't work with Roboform. And CloneWindow, which I quite happily used before doesn't work with 2.0 and doesn't even appear on the add-ons list. And since I uninstalled CloneWindow, the only way I can go back to the old version is with System Restore. So I need to decide whether I want to before I install anything else.

I also tried out Filezilla and CoreFTP, thanks to those who recommended. I've gone with Filezilla since it looks nicer and has a portable version. I've now deleted the copy of my blog I made when I upgraded WordPress, so much simpler than in WS_FTP.

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