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Fandom teaches
Thursday 22nd March 2007 9:01 pm

There was something I read a while ago talking about looking at people's searches on google and what you can tell about them. That would bring up all sorts of interesting things about me given that I've been looking up pregnancy (for Doctor Who: The Soap Opera), torture (for Dream a Little Dream) and courting in the 1930s.

But you can learn all sorts of interesting things through fandom. If it wasn't for The Bill I wouldn't know what a doona is. And I think I've learnt more about American words through beta'ing hhertzof's fics than I did by going there.

Mind you, I've also discovered that there are no 24 hour Tescos in Ealing. Which is important for Doctor Who: The Soap Opera: The Sequel. No, really. And tonight I got all excited when I looked up about decimalisation for the sake of one line on Relative Space and found this page. I had no idea the sixpence continued after decimalisation.

Although it's not fandom per se that's the font of all this knowledge, or making me look it up, it's that I'm meeting people in different parts of the world where they do things differently, or just people that have different areas of knowledge.

It's great, I love it.

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