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Saturday 7th April 2007 9:16 pm

My back does not like traffic jams. Understandably, really, having to press the clutch a lot and it's a long way away, so I have to stretch my leg.

Now, though, I have a clean car (as washed my dad and hoovered by mum) and the scratches painted over. You'd almost never know a pheasant had died on it.

I've just spent an hour adding in spam protection to comments on WP with a simple maths question (easier to read than those letters and numbers I never get right first time). That was the simple bit, the hard bit was adding in a preview of the comment. I tried the plugin dad had, didn't work. So I gave up and tried a different one, which still didn't work. So then I tried another one that worked perfectly first time. And then I discovered my keyboard had gone American in Firefox. Which is a bit bizarre.

I decided, that since listening to audio plays is helpful for my driving (or having a passenger works too) that something that beams it to the radio would be useful, since it's just become legal. And then I'd need a bigger mp3 player, since 256mb won't hold very many hours. I can't find reviews of these things at all, but is doing 1gb for £17 (and in pink) and amazon does the transmitter for £2. So it all sounds good from the price (and colour) point of view.

Ooh, we've won our Davis Cup tie. Which I entirely forgot to watch.

My oat matzo is actually ok. It falls apart something chronic when spreading it, which is a pain. And it's dry, but a different dryness to ordinary matzo, which I could eat without anything on it. The oat matzo I had to add chocolate spread after half a one with only butter. And my soup was largely matzo because it disintegrated in that too. Since next year's Passover is nowhere near Easter, when I'll be at Eastercon, it's just as well it's alright really.

I enjoyed tonight's Doctor Who:

I loved the Harry Potter references and the one-liners and the power of words - especially of names. I knew the Doctor not having one would be a help. According to what I've read, they filmed part of it in Coventry, but according to Confidential it was all Warwick. Maybe that explains why I didn't recognise any of it.

Although I really wish there was more of the Blackadder Shakespeare meeting in drama. Everyone that meets Shakespeare just goes on about how exciting it is and everything. And I can see Martha's point that it's her first trip and he's someone famous. But I just wanted her to complain about having to do Shakespeare in school and how much she hated it.

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