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Thursday 28th June 2007 10:28 pm

I thought I should make a post about the new Prime Minister being the fourth since I was born. Five Live did a whole afternoon on it yesterday, so I listened to the tennis on Sports Extra instead. I mean, it's interesting but it's not that interesting. Mostly it's just weird - you get used to one being there forever, or at least that's what it seems like. And it seems like much more fuss than any of the others. Major was the first time I noticed politics (and worked out Paddy Ashdown was not in fact in the headmaster of the local secondary school, just because it was called Ashdown - it was logical at the time).

Then Blair was a general election four days before my 18th birthday, so that was a big event for everyone not born at the beginning of May. But this one, I came back from Romania wondering if Brown had been elected yet. I never quite got round to asking or looking it up. I don't think I need to yet.

The date I was born makes naming PMs easy - Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown - anyone older than me has to know the one before: Callahan. No idea what his first name was, mind you. Mind you, I can tell you my MPs party, what school she went to and I think I can remember her first name. Her last name could be anything though. I also can't tell you what my constituency is called since it has such a strange name.

Oh, and Henman's out of Wimbledon - it's a good thing because now we can focus on some more interesting players who don't favour long drawn out matches. I want Nadal to win.

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