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Saturday 13th October 2007 8:07 pm

Considering I'm having a weekend of doing not a lot I've done quite a bit today.

I got up when my neighbours banged and shouted (although didn't put their music on loud, oddly) and went to Tescos for 10 minutes, so I could get the bus once it turned round and came back, rather than spending over an hour there.

Then I came back and made flapjacks, since I didn't have any for lunch. I've also made chocolate rice krispie cakes and muffins today. Tomorrow I'll make bread and more flapjacks.

I thought I'd spend the weekend upgrading my blog. And I've done it. Well, I have everything working that was working before. Tomorrow I'll worry about adding in plugins so I can get it to do more things. And working out what to do with tags. I find it quite amusing that in the codex list of template tags they have a category labelled Tag tags.

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