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Wednesday 19th December 2007 8:22 pm

I had to save the last episode of series 6 of Spooks till tonight and then I thought I'd write something about this series and what I've thought of it generally. Except that I'm not yet past the OMG stage and can therefore just about manage 'bibble'.

So, because for some reason I was thinking about this yesterday: Places I want to visit:

Places I've never been to:

  • Edinburgh (and back on the sleeper train)
  • Croatia
  • Somewhere in Scandanavia where I can see the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun
  • Italy
  • Spain: Madrid and Barcelona perhaps. But not when it's hot
  • Egypt
  • Israel (if they ever stop bombing each other
  • South Africa
  • East bit of Canada - which I'm doing next autumn, starting off with in Nova Scotia and working down to Toronto, taking in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa
  • Vancouver (will have to come back to that bit)
  • San Francisco
  • Tasmania
  • Brisbane
  • Uluru (which isn't a place, I know, but I'm making up the rules)
  • New Zealand

Places that I want to go back to:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Dublin and the Republic of Ireland
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Romania
  • Las Vegas
  • New York (I forgot to go to Flushing Meadow, so I have to go back for that)
  • Sydney

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