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I’m having one of those weeks
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 10:11 pm

I'm clearly having one of those weeks. Yesterday I had pasta with some pasta sauce free from work. I'd got four of them, one I'd liked and one I hadn't, I thought the one I used was the one I liked. But I had one mouthful and it felt like it had chilli in it, which I'm allergic and intolerant to. So I checked the ingredients on the pot and chilli wasn't on there. So although I haven't eaten anything spicy for a while, I have in the past, and I hated it to go to waste so I carried on eating. I didn't get very far, though, before it was just too painful and I stopped. It was just as well I did, though, because an hour later I felt ill. So the ingredient on there that was the spice was either another word for chilli or related to it in some way. I won't be doing that again.

Tonight, I thought, had to go better. Except when I turned my computer on something crashed and I had to restart before I could even do anything. But when I went to connect to the internet my dial-up connection had forgotten my username and password. Which was a pain, but I knew where I'd written it down. Or at least, I knew it was in a pink folder and I knew where I lived before I moved...

Eventually I tracked the folder down and found that I had my old username and password in there (I had to change them when I moved). And nowhere could I find that I'd written the new one down. I knew that I didn't have the new ones in Outlook Express, but since mypipex requires logging in, I knew it would be in Firefox/Roboform. Except I hadn't been there since I moved...

Looking through my archived emails turned up my username, but no password. So I rang the number I found in there and was on hold for fifteen minutes (at least it's an 0845 number, come February it will be an 087 number). I was asked a whole load of security questions and the bloke I spoke to gave me my password, which did ring a bell. And then I found out I needed the bit after the @ for my username too. So I got online in time to go out.

When I got back I was thinking that all of this is because the letter with my details in when I got connected is in a safe place. At which point I remembered where my safe place is: the only place in the whole house with any paper that I didn't look. 30 seconds later I had my username and password. Typical. At least now I have it in multiple places.

So I've not really got much done this week so far...

But for everyone having a bad week, some legal youtube videos: Armstrong & Miller's WWII RAF men from the BBC, who can probably be best described as posh chavs. Random.
RAF Airmen do Fashion
RAF Airmen Stuck Up a Tree
RAF Airman Up in a Plane
RAF Airmen at Hospital
RAF Airmen Captured

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