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Reading, writing and watching Torchwood (without spoilers)
Wednesday 23rd January 2008 10:47 pm

I got the fright of my life watching Torchwood tonight, for which Torchwood itself was only indirectly responsible. While I waited for it to start, as it was a few minutes late again, I checked on my satnav where I'm going to my Rotaract meeting tomorrow night. But it couldn't find get a satellite, so I put it on the windowsill, which tends to help it. But since it didn't find one quickly I left it there till it did. And then forgot about it until 9.45pm when Tom Baker, in a very loud voice, suddenly said, "Turn right and then turn left."

I have finally started my TARDIS Big Bang fic! I have to have the minimum 20,000 first draft done by mid-March, so it was about time. I was just prevented from starting sooner by getting ill, then the past two days by everything else. But I have written two chapters of the 26 and have 2000 words. But since each chapter will be at least 1000 words I don't think the word count will be a problem, thankfully.

2 / 26 chapters (7.6%)

I have also decided to read my weight in books this year. I've recently read two trilogies:

The Curse of Chalion, Paladin of Souls and Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold
I found all of these quite hard going at first, and they didn't get really unputdownable until halfway through. I really liked the first one, then when it came to the second I was slightly disappointed it featured different characters, but it was at least some that we'd met before. The third one was set in another country entirely and I found it quite different to the other two. And the writing was smaller. I didn't like the third as much as the previous two. And I didn't like the cover as much. Generally, I was constantly confused about who the characters were, which didn't really help. I did enjoy them, just not as much as the Vorkosigan series.

Great Tales from English History by Robert Lacey
I really liked these books. Each chapter was only a few pages long and it was really easy to understand, take in and just easy to read. I found out all sorts of things that I might well have known from other places but had forgotten. And other stuff I didn't know too. For example, Bonfire Night doesn't actually celebrate terrorism, it celebrates the fact that the gunpowder plot failed. So there you go.

1.703 / 50kg (3.4%)

(Note: although that's roughly my weight, it tends to change so I've gone for a round number that is handily the weight of an average person in A level physics (or it is if you went to a girls school)).

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