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What I did at the weekend
Monday 14th April 2008 8:11 pm

On Saturday I saw Potted Potter, which is all Harry Potter books in an hour and a bit. It was really funny and well worth going to. Interestingly, although it was definitely aimed at kids, there were a few jokes in there that only adults would get.

Sunday I bought a new mattress. After first negotiating some roadworks. They're on a short, busy piece of road between two roundabouts and for some inexplicable reason, the traffic lights are set not to change very often. This means that the traffic builds up on the roundabouts. I wanted go turn right once I'd got past the roadworks, but discovered they'd blocked the roundabout. So I had to sit on it and wait until the lights had changed - and then the people from my left decided they weren't going to let me go despite the fact I had right of way.

The woman showing me beds was insistent that memory foam was great. So I tried some, just to see, but in fact they are really soft. I don't care how good they may or may not be, I just can't sleep on something that soft. I ended up buying the only mattress I liked - which is what I did a year and a bit ago, so I hope I can't feel the springs in it in six months time.

Then I went swimming. The leisure centre has a circular car park so it feels like you park at a slightly funny angle. For some inexplicable reason, instead of painting white lines to show you where the spaces are, they have different coloured bricks. Because it was sunny when I left I had my sunglasses on, but it wasn't sunny when I got there, so I couldn't see the markings for the spaces at all. Fortunately, the car park was only busy close to the leisure centre, because people are incapable of walking, so I abandoned it at the other end of the car park and no one parked anywhere near.

Yesterday evening I updated WordPress to 2.5. Since the one I was using was 2.3.something that sounds like a big change. But they haven't fiddled with anything that affects themes or plugins (apart from the LJ crossposter), so it was really easy. I haven't investigated any of their changes yet, but the biggest thing they've done is changed the admin interface.... to make the text too small to read. And I can't find anything. That I definitely have to play around with at some point. Even this text I'm typing now is slightly too small to see comfortably.

Tonight I went to Tesco, who have car parking spaces that are far too wide, so I open the car door to work out where I am in the space and it looks like I'm miles away. Except I get out and find I'm miles away on the other side too. They completely failed to have the apples I wanted, so it's handy there's a Sainsburys nearby. They also changed the orange squash I have. They definitely changed the packaging, I can't tell about the contents, but the packaging says that it's double concentrate so you only need half as much. Which confused me completely, so I bought Sainsburys' own instead. The moral of this story is don't change things!

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