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Wednesday 16th July 2008 5:03 pm

I've started reading my Canadian guidebook, so I can work out roughly where I'm going to go and when. And basically I'm trying to fit in a lot in two and a half weeks (between 18th October and 3rd November), not helped by the train from Halifax to Quebec not going on the day when it would be most convenient.

So, to help me plan:
a) What is there to do in these places that people would recommend?
b) Does anyone want to meet up in any of them? (the trouble I always have going away is what to do in the evenings)

The plan is to start off with in Halifax, so that part's sorted. From there I'm thinking of going to Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. I fly out from the latter, so I definitely have to go there!

The only thing I know I'm going to do is Niagara Falls. Apart from that, going to Canada/US/Australia is always a problem because the main thing I do on holidays is castles. And other old things. So apart from those, I'd like to do stuff that'll tell me the history of the country, go up tall things. I don't really know beyond that.

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