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A big update
Sunday 27th July 2008 5:21 pm

I haven't posted for so long I have such a big update. With headings.

Last weekend
Last weekend I went on the (nearly) annual trip to a windmill in Somerset with some friends from uni. I enjoyed relaxing so much that I spent the two days afterwards that I'd taken off work relaxing. After the project that lost me the will to live on a daily basis (which still isn't finished), I really needed the time off not to think about it. It was also nice to see friends that live all over the country that I used to live a few minutes away from. And I played Risk for the first time, and we won.

Spring cleaning
I spring cleaned the bathroom back before I had my tooth out, then never quite got to the rest. I managed to get the kitchen done before going to the windmill, planned to do some more when I got back, but that just didn't happen. So yesterday I did the hall and the bedroom and today I did the lounge. I did spend a lot of time sneezing, but it was worth it because now I have so much space. And a full recycling box.

The most interesting thing I discovered slipped down between some wood in the hall cupboard (where I keep empty boxes for things that need to go in them every time I move). It is a custody record from September 2006. Annoyingly, it doesn't say why they were arrested, just Other (non-PACE). But that's still quite an exciting find.

Doctor Who Proms
This morning's spring cleaning was to the Doctor Who Proms on Radio 3, which I quite enjoyed. Especially Jupiter from the Planets. I'm quite tempted to ask my grandmother for a CD of the Suite for Christmas. I went and watched the specially recorded scene on the internet, but then I had to go back and listen to it on Listen Again to hear the audience reactions and the description by the presenter of what happened. And hear the beginning of Justina Robson talking about Doctor Who, which was quite funny, especially her description of what the Daleks might do once they'd destroyed the whole universe.

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