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Wednesday 5th November 2008 12:40 pm

I thought I'd look up what constituency I'll be in when I move. Turns out it's the same one - I'm not moving far enough away. It's a pain because it's rural and therefore Tory country, and the second place is so split between Labour and Lib Dem that it feels like your vote doesn't count (not that it will ever stop me voting - you could offer me £1 million and I'd still rather vote, thanks to John Major who made it so I was 22 before I could vote in a general election).

On the subject of the US election, I forgot about it when I first got up this morning. Ordinarily my alarm goes off at 8am to the news and I'd have heard it then, but since I'm not going back to work until tomorrow, I didn't wake up until much later. The Guardian has a collection of US election maps that are quite cool (the trick is to remember that the colours are the wrong way round).

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