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Friday 21st November 2008 9:57 pm

I think DWM is trying to tell me something. Before I went to Canada I decided that when my subscription ran out (in the spring) I won't renew it. Increasingly the magazine annoys me, especially with the space they take up with the comic. I've never worked out how to read comics or understood why the pictures are there, apart from being in the way. And even when I do make the effort to read them I can't remember what's happened in previous parts months before.

They also annoy me by reviewing episodes that have been on telly. The whole point of reviews is to tell you whether to bother buying them, but I've seen all the stuff on TV, so there's no point in reading their review of it. It's just more space being taken up when they could do something with it.

Also, I can get it two days earlier in the shops.

When I got back from Canada there were two packages, each with my name (differently) spelt wrong. Inside one was a The War Machines DVD and inside the other with The Ultimate Adventure on CD, each with a note to say that I won a DWM competition. Now, I enter all of them on the basis that you do win stuff occasionally.

The Ultimate Adventures I got round to listening to today while writing a very will-to-live-sucking database and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The extras with them talking about how the stage play came about and how they adapted it were very interesting. The play itself is a lot like a panto in that the actors clearly aren't taking it seriously, so you have to listen to it in that vein. Plus it has Colin Baker in it, who comes across as just such a nice man.

Then when I got home today I found a parcel propped up against my front door. My postman might wake me up at 7am with the post on Saturdays and then not make it until lunchtime any other day, but at least he has a brain. Anyway, inside was a very cold copy of The Writer's Tale! So I was quite excited about that because I'd been meaning to look at it so see if it was anything I wanted, since it has such good reviews (although it'd have to be very good at £30). But now I have it!

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