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Friday 17th July 2009 11:28 am

I do mean to update this more often, but I'm so behind on everything in my life it's just not funny. The last week of Wimbledon was so hot - around 30C, and humid - that it was just too hot to do anything. Well, I watched Wimbledon (and am now sad it's all over - no more tennis till the US Open and that's only on the radio), but my TV puts out a lot of heat. I could only use my laptop or netbook if I sat back from them and used the wireless keyboard, so my hands didn't get too hot. And I even got hot sitting under the light. But I did a lot of reading.

Then it got cooler again and I planned to do lots, but I had a busy couple of days at work and that nearly wrote off last week. The crowning glory was being really sick that I thought was a stomach bug, but might actually be an intolerance reaction to something. I don't know what, but I can't find out until all my symptoms go away, once my system's cleared of whatever it is.

So my dizziness hasn't really improved much over the past couple of weeks therefore... But I saw an ENT yesterday who said it can take 5-6 months and it's only been four and a half so far. But every doctor and ENT I see say something different, so who knows. But it says something that I've become resigned to it now. Well, I am today, when I'm having a bad day I'm not so much. But I am typing this on my netbook while lying down having a break from packing because I got too dizzy to do any more.

In other news, Wallingford Rotaract won Club of the Year within the district, which was great and unexpected. I'm still quite thrilled about it and we found out at the handover on 4th July. I finished my remix fic, although it's annoying the archive goes live this weekend because I'm away till Tuesday on the annual windmill trip, which should be nice and relaxing. Then when I come back I really need to write my who remix fic, since that's due in on the 3rd...

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