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General Election
Thursday 8th April 2010 8:23 pm

I keep meaning to blog more than I do but I never seem to be able to muster up the energy at the same time as thinking of something I want to say. Or more accurately, remembering what I thought about blogging when I didn't have the time.

So I thought I'd talk about the general election Gordon Brown has very kindly given me for my birthday. Isn't that good of him? It's not going to make me vote Labour, though. More accurately, I don't know who I'm going to vote for - I've never had that problem before.

In my old constituency there were four people on the ballot. Labour and the other one (it varied as to what the other one was) got so few votes they might not have got their deposit back (I can't remember where the cut off is). So the choice was between Conservative and Liberal Democrat, which isn't much of a choice at all. And it was important to vote to get rid of/keep the Tory out.

(There are many reasons not to vote Conservative - I'm not rich or posh for a start. But the most important reason is that they purposely denied me the vote in 1997 and that's something they can never make up for. If, at some point during this campaign, they mention they were in power for eighteen years, they're lying. If they'd been in power for eighteen years I'd have been able to vote.)

Here, things are a bit different. I haven't got round to finding out who might be on the ballot in the constituency I now live in, but there are more than four people. The one at the top is Conservative because there are far too many rich people here. From everything I've heard it sounds like he's actually a decent bloke and a good MP. If he was Independent I'd probably quite happily vote for him. However, he's a Tory, so I can't.

Below him, the vote is split equally between Labour and Lib Dem, so there's no way they're ever going to topple the Tory and I can't vote for one or the other on that basis. I have to vote - partially because I missed out once due to my age, I'm not going to miss out again. And also because if you don't vote you don't get to have an opinion on how the country is run.

So if I'm going to throw my vote away, I might as well vote for the party whose policies I agree with most. It's such a strange thing, all of a sudden, to not be sure. I need to do some research on the internet, but I don't intend to watch the Leadership debate next Thursday. I don't think that seeing three men not answering questions and behaving like children will endear me to any of them somehow...

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