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On writing
Monday 31st May 2010 5:47 pm

I have finished my month of drabbles a day! I really did write one a day and not get ahead at any point. The month suddenly feels like it's gone really quickly. Although I had a few days where it was a struggle to find the time to write or I couldn't think of what to write, I did manage it. And never felt the need to make any of them a double drabble either - they nearly all came in at roughly the right length. They're all on my website under the drabble a day tag. I also wrote every single prompt I was given.

I also wrote for Remix - although that I finished in April. I wrote Of Memory (The Poker Face Remix). Since I quite wanted to write Stargate I was happy to get someone who wrote Stargate. So that worked out well for me.

You might well ask what's next. Well, apart from the unfinished fics I have sitting around that I will finish one day... Now I'm going to write 100 drabbles between today and 6th September (which is 99 days, incidentally). I didn't mean to, it just came up in one of the comms I'm in. The plan at the moment is to write all of these centring around Harry Sullivan. We'll see how well that goes, but the comm has only given me 75 prompts, so I'd love some more to fill the remaining 25.

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Drabble a day update
Monday 31st May 2010 5:36 pm

The last drabbles I have written are:

24th May
Holding Knowledge
Elrond observes a discussion between Elladan and Elrohir.

25th May
Quantum Leap
Leaper's Fatigue
It’s the end of a leap and Sam’s tired.

26th May
Homely House
All the Elves in Rivendell have their duties, Celebrían especially.

27th May
Cure for Claustrophobia
Jack finds out a secret of Ianto’s

28th May
Doctor Who
Give and Take
Amy and Rory are trapped and need the Doctor’s help.

29th May
Doctor Who
No Explanation
This time Sarah doesn’t need answers.

30th May
Ashes to Ashes
Waking Up
Gene has work to do.
Spoilers for series 3, episode 8. If you haven’t seen it, don’t even think about reading this.

31st May
Doctor Who
The Importance of Being in Love
Sarah and Harry and a discussion about love

Cure for Claustrophobia came out at 161 words and I had to beat it down. Since I had to delete so many words, here's the extended version: Read more...

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Remix recs
Sunday 30th May 2010 4:46 pm

So Remix went live late last Sunday and since then I've been reading everything in the archive. Well, everything in the fandoms I'm interested in. And I have managed to get it all read before the reveal tomorrow as well. So I have some recs. Read more...

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Big update
Sunday 30th May 2010 4:28 pm

I haven't updated a while. First I didn't have time and then I didn't want to catch up and then I got dizzy... But these are all the things I might have posted about had I got round to it sometime in the last couple of weeks: Read more...

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Drabble a day update
Sunday 23rd May 2010 4:06 pm

Since the last update I have written:

16th May
Doctor Who
The Doctor has a plan for Ace.

17th May
Press Gang
Colin has a new scheme.

18th May
Doctor Who/The West Wing
They're both fathers.

19th May
Doctor Who
Gallifreyan Fairy Story
All planets have fairy tales.

20th May
The Bill
My Friend, My Boss
Sometimes having the boss as your friend isn't all that useful.
Although it does reference a comment by Mickey in Walk On My Grave (18th May), if you haven’t seen it this won’t spoil you for any events in that episode.

21st May
Stargate Atlantis
Leadership Debate
Elizabeth and Teyla commiserate over how hard it is to be leaders.

22nd May
Dealing with loss
Harry tries to help Wesley.

23rd May
Doctor Who
Ruby Red
River goes shoe shopping.

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How not to watch TV
Sunday 16th May 2010 11:43 am

Last Thursday, when I put the TV on for HIGNFY there was no signal. It turned out later that was because there was a fire at the transmitter. So I just watched it on the iPlayer.

Last night I put the dinner on and came to watch Doctor Who once it was halfway through - and found there was no sound. After playing about with aerials I concluded I didn't know what the problem was, but since Doctor Who had finished by that point and it was on the iPlayer, I watched it there.

This morning I tried doing a factory reset and rescan, which had no effect. At which point I decided I'd have to have a look at the back of my PVR (I watch all TV through that because I can live pause and rewind, but can't on the telly). So I pulled the stand out a bit - which was hard because it was heavy - and the picture flickered. At which point I checked the scart lead and the minute I pushed it back in the sound came back...

On the plus side, last night's recordings all have sound in, so I can watch Confidential and The Prisoner today.

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Drabble a day update
Saturday 15th May 2010 8:46 pm

Last week I was a bit resentful at having to write a drabble a day, but this week I've been enjoying it. That's partly because last week I was determined to write lots of different things and this week I decided I can write whatever I want. Although this week the hardest part has been coming up with summaries...

Since the last update I have written:

9th May
Stargate Atlantis
No Return
Elizabeth has to get used to a new place.
Spoilers for The Return

10th May
Good News
Arathorn has good news for Elrond.

11th May
Doctor Who
Just Friends
Harry has to break up with Sarah.

12th May
The Best and Worst of all Things
Elrond's feelings at Arwen's wedding.

13th May
Stargate Atlantis
What's Not Lost
Jack can't give Elizabeth what she wants. This is sort of a sequel to No Return in that it happens afterwards.
Spoilers for The Return

14th May
Sarah Jane Adventures
The Right Question
Luke has a question for Sarah.

15th May
Doctor Who
Misplaced Trust
Will has second thoughts about finding out Mandrake’s secrets.
Spoilers for the Sarah Jane Smith audio Fatal Consequences

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Wednesday 12th May 2010 8:12 pm

This whole election thingy has been exciting. I stayed up on election night to see who was going to be in charge. So they decided while I was out at Rotaract last night. Which was a very confusing evening because Gordon Brown had previously said he would resign (as PM) if the Conservatives and Lib Dems reached an agreement. So then he resigned before they'd reached an agreement. And interrupted the Queen's viewing of Eastenders while they changed PMs. We had a brief period of anarchy while we were all too far away from Buckingham Palace to be PM. Damn.

I'm excited about the Con/Lib Dem coalition. I was born into a Tory Parliament, which eventually went Labour and it was clearly going to go back to Tory at some point. So I was resigned to it always swinging between the two and the only highlights being that you couldn't say for certain which election it would change at. So this is something different and new and exciting, and involves Lib Dems in the government, which I thought would take a miracle to see.

It's quite cool that when they've been talking about the Cabinet posts on the radio today they've not only said their name and position, as you'd expect, but added in which party they are. And Nick Clegg gets to be PM when David Cameron goes on holiday! I wanted him to be PM at the head of a Labour/Lib Dem coalition, which would have been cool, if highly unlikely.

I'm hoping that the Lib Dem's will tamper down the Tory bad policies a bit and between them they'll end up with something that's better than either of them would have done separately. We'll see. I'm ambivalent about the idea of five year fixed terms because although it'll guarantee me a general election for my birthday every five years, it will mean that the next one that's actually on my birthday won't be until 2050.

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Drabble a day update
Saturday 8th May 2010 5:03 pm

I have been good and I've been writing a drabble every day. Even today and yesterday when I've been replying on the spellcheck due to my inability to type. The hardest part has been thinking of titles...

So far I have written:

1st May
Press Gang
You Say Potato...
Lynda in America.

2nd May
The Bill
The Canley Arms
Jack and Mickey discuss the day's events in the pub.

3rd May
Doctor Who
New Tube
Donna discovers the train system on New Earth isn't quite like the one she's used to.

4th May
Doctor Who
Parry and Riposte
The Doctor and Ian practise their sword fighting skills.

5th May
As Kind as Summer
Elrond is as kind as summer.

6th May
In the Event of an Emergency...
Section D do what they do best, even under trying circumstances.

7th May
Doctor Who
Left Behind
Harry considers his decision at the end of Terror of the Zygons.

8th May
Ashes to Ashes
Gene has a problem with Alex.
Note: this drabble is set during series 3 and therefore has spoilers for series 3 as a whole, and for the ending of series 2.

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Saturday 8th May 2010 2:37 pm

Despite having twelve hours sleep last night I'm still tired. It's really hard to type when you're tired, but if I do need to do some things today.

Thursday night I was so tired I went to bed at 9pm and got up at 12.30am. It is a lot harder to get up when it's dark than go to bed when it's light. By the time I went to sleep at 8am the result was still uncertain, which was really exciting because the first election I stayed up for was 1997, so until now Labour's been a pretty foregone conclusion.

I'm amazed that all those BBC people stayed up until 3.45pm! I don't know how they did it. But I did like Jeremy Paxman trying to get straight answers out of politicians at 4am on the basis that it was 4am - it didn't work. And when interviewing them at the count he had to tell them what was going on! In the morning when he spoke to Boris Johnson he basically told him to shut up and go back to running the city. Jeremy Vine's virtual things got sillier and sillier and no more useful. Except I missed Peter Snow, not that his virtual House of Commons told us anything either. Chris Addisons twitters were funny as well.

So, despite only getting five hours of sleep Thursday night - more of which were Thursday night than Friday morning - I enjoyed it. It was exciting. My MP is sadly still Conservative and with 52% of the vote not even PR would have helped me there. But I'm hoping that now interesting things will happen with parties working together. You never know. But since hung parliaments tend to bring another election - my birthday's on a Thursday next year.

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Veni, Vidi, Voted
Thursday 6th May 2010 7:42 pm

So today is the day after my birthday aka election day. I made a slight detour on my way home and stopped off at the polling station. Which seems crazy to me because until now I've always lived less than five minutes walk away from the polling station. But this one is a bit over ten minutes walk away. It is sunny now, but I'm tired and that was a bit much of a walk for me after work.

It was quite exciting - it turns out there is a notice board inside that we could put a Rotaract poster on. It's a pity we couldn't have one up there for election day.

Oh, and I voted too. I didn't think that everywhere would have a short, blunt pencil, but it turns out they do. I got thoroughly confused by the names on the ballot paper being in alphabetic order by surname, but since I wanted to vote for the one at the top, that was fine. He was also the only one who actually lives in this constituency. And the most likely to win against the Tories. And the party I wanted to vote for, so that was handy.

I did get quite confused when I went in, showed the people at my desk my polling card, then they asked my name. At which point I paused, worked out they needed my full name and then gave them that. They were happy, but puzzled. I regularly puzzle people by pausing when asked my name because I have to work out whether they need my full name or whether I can just give them the shortened version.

There are many, many good reasons to vote and that I believe everyone who has the right to vote should vote. I know that often the best option is merely the least worst one, but if you don't vote you don't get to have an opinion about how the country is governed. My biggest reason for voting is that the Tories decided to have a general election four days before my 18th birthday when they could have hung on a few more weeks. I'm still annoyed about and won't vote for them on the basis that they screwed me over. Well, and a lot of other reasons, obviously.

Since this week I'm struggling to keep my eyes open after about 9.30pm, I'll be going to bed for a bit. The polls don't close until 10pm so there won't be any news before midnight. Doubtless I will be around on the internet at stupid o'clock, trying to keep myself awake...

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Wednesday 5th May 2010 8:14 pm

It's my birthday today, so I had to open my presents this morning, before breakfast. They had been sitting around the house since Friday! I got:

  • Chives (although I got those at Easter because you can't post a pot with soil and chives in it)
  • Black thread (the type that's suitable for mending black clothes
  • Three pairs of bright weekend socks, featuring pink and pandas
  • The Bill series 1 on DVD
  • Spooks series 2 on DVD
  • Red Dwarf VIII - I now have them all on DVD except for Back to Earth
  • The whole of Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister - which is quite timely really
  • How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier
  • Betsy was a Junior and Betsy and Joe by Maud Hart Lovelace
  • Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey
  • A wind up bunny - in Harry Potter wrapping paper
  • A gift voucher for Waterstones for an indeterminate amount of money

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Doctor Who (spoilers for The Eleventh Hour)
Saturday 1st May 2010 8:34 pm

I got Frontier in Space from Lovefilm today after [info]dbskyler talked about the commentary I decided I wanted to see it. It comes in a set with Planet of the Daleks, which I don't like much because it has Daleks in it. Each story has two discs, but Lovefilm only lists one. I just assumed it was because they're a bit useless (given that they're a bit useless), but no, it's because they send you both and count it as one! Very handy.

I've only made it through episode 1's commentary so far, but it's quite interesting and funny.

Confidential just reminded me that I wanted to say this after the first episode at Easter, but I don't like to put spoilers in here because hiding them depends on how people are reading and whether they can hold off from clicking on them.

There are spoilers for The Eleventh Hour in here, but not for any series 5 episodes after it. Read more...

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