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Good things today
Saturday 8th January 2011 2:59 pm

My mood is totally affected by the weather - today is warm and sunny and spring-like (if only because a temperature above freezing feels warm) and I'm happy. Also, [info]fandom_stocking went live today, so I had lots of nice things in it this morning:

An Ian and Barbara icon from [info]lindenharp

Hush-hush: A Harry Potter fic featuring Sirius from [info]trovia

Rainy Day Tales (part 2 & part 3): a DW/Press Gang fic from [info]lost_spook

A sweet Luke-centred fic from [info]cosmic_llin

A graphic of my choice from [info]arenee1999

An IOU from [info]carawj

A Harry (Sullivan) picspam from [info]livii

And happy new years from [info]dbskyler and [info]eponymous_rose

Next year I will make my request list better - having read lots of other people's with an eye to writing something I have a much better idea of what's useful to put in there.

I will post up what I wrote at some point, but I want to wait until people have seen their own first. And I wrote 15 ficlets between 100 and 1100 words, so they'll take a little while to upload.

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