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Fandom stocking
Wednesday 12th January 2011 9:08 pm

I have now posted all my fandom stocking fics. I may or may not get round to posting them elsewhere as well, so for the moment they are on my fanfic LJ.

They are:

Doctor Who:
A New Life for [info]livii
Martha tries out adoptive motherhood. Starring Harry and Martha

Five Minutes Ago for [info]dbskyler
After Terror of the Zygons Sarah is keen to get back to London. Starring Sarah and the Fourth Doctor

UNIT Christmas Party and Zombies for [info]carawj
This year's UNIT Christmas party will be one to remember. Starring Sarah and Jo

The Importance of Being Female for [info]silly_cleo
The Doctor is no match for the combined force of Jo and Amy. Starring Jo and Amy.

Thames Octopus for [info]rivendellrose
Harry has a story. Starring Sarah and Harry.

Too Many Concert Goers for [info]jjpor
The Doctor and Ace go to a concert. Double drabble starring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Friends and Romans for [info]clocketpatch
Ian and Rory have a roman sword fight. A drabble and a half pair starring Ian & Barbara and Rory & Amy,

Explanations and Underestimations for [info]infiniteviking
Jo helps the Doctor in the lab. A drabble starring the Third Doctor and Jo.

Life in the Olden Days for [info]minerva_fan
Barbara gives Ian a history lesson on relationships. Double drabble starring Ian and Barbara.

The Wrong Way for [info]curuchamion
Harry meets some interesting-looking aliens. Drabble starring the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry.

Sarah Jane Adventures
Buried Alive for [info]shinyjenni
Sarah Jane and Jo in a coffin. Drabble starring Sarah and Jo. Spoilers for Death of the Doctor.

Letting Go for [info]tigerkat24
Sarah Jane has to learn to let Luke go. A drabble starring Sarah and Luke. Spoilers for The Nightmare Man.

Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures
Smurfs for [info]cosmic_llin
Sarah Jane has a problem, the Seventh Doctor has a solution. Starring Sarah and Ace

Stargate/Doctor Who
Humans for [info]eponymous_rose
Teal'c and the Doctor find they have something in common. Starring Teal'c and the Eleventh Doctor.

Quantum Leap/Doctor Who
New Worlds for [info]azarsuete
Sam leaps into Harry Sullivan. Starring Sam, Al and the Fourth Doctor.

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