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The saga of my tax disc holder
Wednesday 9th February 2011 9:49 pm

My car came with a tax disc and a round thing stuck to the dashboard, which it sat in. Which I only took any notice of once, when I had to change the tax disc. It did look like it was starting to come off the windscreen, and I thought I should probably do something about it, but that was as far as it got.

At Christmas, my car was last in the drive, so I ended up driving Dad up the road (and I needed to put petrol in it anyway). He remarked on the tax disc holder and I ended up buying a magnetic one in Asda. We then spent ages in the car park attempting to get it to stay on the windscreen with the tax disc in. The back stayed on perfectly happily if there was no tax disc inside it, but that's not really very helpful.

So I took it back, got my money back and Dad stuck the old one back on the windscreen. Where it stuck much better. So I made a mental note to buy a new one at some point, but while it was well stuck on, I'd leave it there.

It was fine until a couple of weeks ago when I heard a strange noise from the left side of the car. When I reached Tescos car park, which had lights, I discovered this was because the tax disc holder had fallen onto the dashboard. It was ten minutes after Halfords closed (of course). Tesco couldn't provide me with a tax disc holder, but Sainsburys could. And the original tax disc holder stayed on reasonably well until the next day anyway.

The next day, I took the old one off and put the new one on. Everything was fine until the day after, when I got to my car in the morning to find the tax disc holder on the floor. I took that one back to Sainsburys and got my money back and bought one from Halfords. Which has been fine. And cheaper than the other two...

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