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Sunday 23rd October 2011 8:01 pm

In a couple of places in this week's The Week it mentions about staying on BST all year round and people have been claiming that everyone wants it, except the Scottish. Well, I don't want it.

At the moment it's dark enough when I leave work to need the headlights on. It's definitely dark enough to need the lights on inside when I get home. Even without changing the clocks next weekend, that's going to carry on getting worse until it's completely dark when I leave work long before 21st December.

Since the days are getting shorter, sunrise is about the time I get up. It's light by the time I leave for work and it's only so dark I need to put the lights on if it's cloudy, but that's definitely encroaching.

If we stayed on BST, by 21st December it would be dark when I went to work and dark when I left home. I would only see the light out of the office window. Personally, on balance, I'd like lighter evenings. And an extra hour next weekend, even if it's required for putting all the clocks back.

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