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Fandom stocking treats
Monday 9th January 2012 9:45 pm

The [info]fandom-stockings went live yesterday, I just failed to post about it yesterday. And forgot about it entirely until I had replies to the things I'd put in other people stockings and got very confused for a minute about what they were replying to.

I will post the stories I've written once the people they were written for have seen them. Instead I will talk about the lovely lot of stuff I got.

From [info]noveltea: a happy holidays banner

From [info]arenee1999: a Harry Pearce wallpaper

From [info]just_ann_now: a collection of cute bunnies

From [info]astridv: a Nate/Sophie pic

From [info]twinsarein: a Happy New Year banner

From [info]ariestess: a Season's Greetings banner

From [info]livii: a very, very, very short Ian/Barbara story

From [info]shinyjenni: a companions wallpaper

From [info]cosmic_llin: a Four, Sarah and Harry story

The cool thing is that having said I wanted some wallpaper for my work computer, I not only got two, but they were completely different. So those two will last me a while before I get bored seeing it.

And, as [info]just_ann_now has discovered, you can never go wrong with bunnies.

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