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Lack of blogging
Wednesday 20th June 2012 9:12 pm

When I get really dizzy it means I can't do much and looking at the computer doesn't help. Which means I stop doing things. And then I get into the habit of not doing things. Including posting here and replying to other people's posts. I did have some marked as unread in my RSS reader, but then I marked everything as read and forgot I purposely marked some as unread. So they will remain uncommented to.

It feels like summer now. Not just because of the weather and the hayfever and the tennis. Because I suddenly have nothing on any evening in the week. Ballet stopped at the end of May and won't start again until September. Choir finished with a concert on Saturday (which was good fun and I enjoyed) and at the end people were saying 'have a good summer'. It felt like the end of term at school, albeit a month early.

So with all this time on my hands I'm going to spend four weeks of it watching Wimbledon and the Olympics, without having to go anywhere and miss it (except for work and when I actually go to Wimbledon and the rowing and the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon). I will also try and go swimming, but as I don't know how dizzy it'll make me I have to find a Saturday morning when I feel fine and don't need to do anything that weekend. When I do have one something else ends up coming up. Or I get dizzy again. I am also going to attempt to watch the 70GB of stuff I have sitting around on my PVR. Or actually delete it if I don't watch it. And get to grips with crochet - every time I try some I then have to stop because I'm too dizzy.

And there's writing to do. I worked out that after Wimbledon I have seven weeks (five if you don't include the time the Olympics is on) before the ship swap deadline. And during that time I have to finish off my Big Bang fic (which has gone to beta). My Not Prime Time fic I already finished and uploaded, and then they moved the deadline from Wimbledon to the Olympics (yes, I have worked my summer out by sporting events).

Also I will post more.

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