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Monday 25th June 2012 9:52 pm

Today I was feeling uninspired. About everything, really. Even about Wimbledon when I turned the radio on after lunch and became very well informed about the news and traffic. Also, the tennis.

The trouble is the first rounds have a tendency to feature very one-sided matches, which just aren't that interesting. Sometimes they can be awe-inspiring to see how good the player who's winning is, but not on radio.

But while I was cooking dinner they were talking about an interesting match between two men I'd never heard of. One of whom went for a very short bathroom break. So then I watched that match for a bit and it was interesting. And then I watched a ladies match, with my finger poised on the mute button because Virginia Wade was commenting and not only does she talk a load of crap, she does it in an annoying posh voice. But that turned out to be quite exciting - one of the games I saw lasted fifteen minutes.

So now I'm quite excited about Wimbledon. I can already tell my fantasy team aren't going to do well, for the women at least. It probably doesn't help that were selected partly at random and partly for the silliest names...

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